Write a new history of the Korean
shipping industry with Sinokor Merchant Marine

We appreciate to our customers who always use our Heung-A Line.

Based on Heung-A Shipping, which was established in 1961 and started the Korea-Japan liner service, Heung-A Line wants to dream of a second leap forward to establish itself as a leader in the Korean shipping industry by accompanying Sinokor Merchant Marine from the new year of 2020.

Heung-A Line is building the largest logistics network in Intra Asia based on its know-how accumulated for about 60 years, and is focusing all its capabilities to create value by providing frequent and wide transportation services to customers.

Through active investment in shipping and logistics equipment such as ships and containers, development of advanced information systems, and diversification of routes, we will continue to make efforts to reflect customer needs, coexist with customers, and grow into the most trusted company.

We ask for your support so that we can move forward with your dreams and become a growth engine for you.

“Move the world with your Dream”

Thank you.