Established from 1961
The Best Intra-Asia Carrier.

Reliable shipping services

Since the start of the Korea-Japan conventional regular service in 1961, Heung-A Line has grown into the best INTRA ASIA shipping company with more than 1.2 million TEU of containers annually.

Our container fleet consists of a variety of container fleet and responsible crew members that meet your needs.

Only one thought brings to the customer

In addition, all areas where Asia including Japan , China, Southeast Asia and even Australia are safe and rapid transport of freight customers.

Committed until the moment that the customer is satisfied , even when 365 days are ready to play for the success of our customers.



· The world best Korea-Japan liner service with half a century’s experience and know-how
(Lion’s market share between Korea - Japan)

· Calling at 40 ports/Covering all Japanese ports(The most diversified service in Japan)speedy and safe transport

· Reinforcement of Korea-Japan serviceOrganization of special teamThe best total logistic solution between Korea and Japan

· Within 3 days Transit Time all over Japanese portsby T/S service at Pusan

· Building a service network from Japan to whole of China and South East Asia



· Container service over mainly 30 ports in China (Accessible to whole coastal area of China) (Accessible to whole coastal area of China)

· Establishment of 3 PL company, Heung-A Logistics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

· Total logistic service for sea and land connection around 130 cities in China (Door to door service from starting point to destination)

· Local branches in Shanghai, Qingdao, Shenzhen and other main port cities to enhance marketing and stability of the service in China

· To provide role of a bridge between Korea and China in the Yellow Sea CY/CFS in Inchon - Strategic base for China trade
(Annual volume 170,000 TEU)

· ⇒ Transport service of passengers and cargoes to Qinghuangdao, Lianyungang and Dalian by affiliated Car Ferry companies.



· Comprehensive and competitive service to main countries in Asia and emerging market The largest network in Intra Asia Container service to about 70 ports in 20 countries

· Versatile service connecting Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and other countries (Frequent Service)

· Speedy and punctual service between Far East and South East Asia via diversified and direct routes

· Hub of Singapore - service network to Cambodia, Myanmar, Malaysia and other ports

· The best service between Far East Asia and Australia (The shortest transit time)

· Hub of Singapore - service network to Cambodia, Myanmar, Malaysia and other ports